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Electric Bicycle Market

Modern electric bicycles integrate many innovations from technology and design,
particularly in the past year. These developments beckon for the attention of many
consumers. The time is right—environmental and economic motivations favoring electric
vehicles have never been greater, nor the choices so diverse, for so many people.

• Electric cyclists unfamiliar with latest developments have two reasons to look again.

• Millions of others have reason to investigate electric bicycles for the first time.

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, e-bicycles, pedelecs, and power-assisted
(bi)cycles, have attained a state of the art that was formerly unimaginable. The popularity
of electric bicycles increases quickly on nearly every continent, in response to design and
performance gains, and in response to larger economic or environmental concerns.

• For perspective, the article Electric Bikes are Taking Off, by Carolyn Wehlan of the
International Herald Tribune, provided an optimistic snapshot as of March, 2007.

• 2008 will break Europe’s 2007 record-setting sales.

• Asia has already realized an even greater level of implementation, to achieve critical
mass with widely-deployed lead acid batteries and ensuing issues.

• The Americas see dramatic innovation, sales, and adoption levels.

• Australia continues their innovation and adoption, but with recent legislative review of
e-scooters, no longer considered as being electric bicycles, in legal definition.

Health Benefits from Cycling
Conventional cycling has long been known as one of the best methods possible for lowimpact
cardiovascular exercise. Power assistance adds no additional exertion to a rider
than does conventional cycling, and retains the option to pedal.

Practicality Benefits from Power Assistance
Adding electric power to a bicycle can help guarantee multiple benefits of cycling and
greatly increase usability. Electric bicycles enable a better use of time, additional energy
for longer distances at greater speed, and perhaps some extra power for additional cargo.

• Greater speed and range enable an electric bicycle to address multiple needs at one
time (combining time-sensitive commuting with exercise, for example).

• The additional power permits the ability to transport (or towing of) more cargo.

• Good design enables a rider to work up a sweat, or to stay dry and fresh, depending on
his or her desires for each particular trip.

• The thrill and handling of a good design and great performance increases motivation
to use a bicycle. Electric drive can add some real fun to the experience of a bicycle.

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Зарядна станция - MAR-CSM-T2

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