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Green Power for Electric Cars

Contrary to the trends in most other sectors, greenhouse gas emissions of the
transport sector are still increasing, and are predicted to grow further in the
coming years, at current policies. As there is no simple solution to the
challenge of achieving significant CO2 reductions in transport, it has become
clear that a large range of efficient and effective CO2 reduction measures will
have to be taken.

In the coming decades, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles could play a
significant role in this move towards sustainable transport. If these vehicles
run on renewable electricity, they could substantially cut CO2 emissions and
improve local air quality.

Electric vehicles might even help to make the electricity sector more
sustainable, if the batteries in the vehicles could be used to manage the
variable output of an increasing share of wind and solar-based power
generation. However, the extent to which these advantages can be harvested
under current policies is open to question.

T&E, Friends of the Earth Europe and Greenpeace European Unit have
therefore jointly commissioned this study to look into how the full potential of
electric cars can be realised. The study aims to analyse the potential impact of
the electrification of road transport on EU power production and to develop
policy recommendations to ensure that this development will lead to the
growth of renewable electricity in Europe.

Electrification of road transport
Electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) provide very
promising opportunities for the future development of a sustainable transport
sector. However, many questions regarding their potential share in the car
fleet, their energy efficiency, charging patterns, annual mileage, cost and cost
structure have not yet been answered.

Compared to internal combustion engine technology (ICE), battery electric
drive trains have a number of benefits for the transport sector, such as:
- The potential to use a large range of energy sources, including all types of
renewable energy, in combination with high energy efficiency.
- The potential for sustainable and carbon neutral (CO2-free) mobility if
powered by renewable energy sources.
- Less or no air pollution (depending on the type of power production) and
lower noise levels.

The well-to-wheel environmental impact of EVs and PHEVs is largely
determined by the type of electricity production used to charge the batteries.
If electricity is produced from lignite or coal, well-to-wheel CO2 emissions are
typically higher than or equal to the emissions of a comparable ICE car. When
the electricity comes from gas-fired power plants, emissions are significantly
lower. Electricity from renewable sources, such as wind, solar or hydro energy,
would result in zero CO2 emissions per kilometre.

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