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An Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan for London


• There is growing agreement that electric vehicles are the closest ‘near to market’green technology. The battery technology, particularly the application of lithium-ion batteries, has been developing at a rapid pace. This is mainly due to its growing application in other industries, like lap-top computers and mobile phones. The batteries can carry more energy for a given size and vehicles are now being developed with a range and a re-charge time better suited for everyday city life.

• The technology has developed to extend the range of vehicles to in excess of 100-130 kilometres. One model, the Tesla Roadster, has a reported range of over 300 kilometres. These sorts of ranges are more than adequate for driving in London. The cost of this technology is falling at a time when petrol/diesel fuel prices have risen. Fuel prices are likely to continue to rise in the future, making electric vehicles more cost effective over their lifecycle.

• Vehicles currently available, many of which are classed as quadricycles, are predominantly mini and super-mini size. The choice of available models is increasing and many of the major manufacturers are planning to launch electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from 2011 onwards. Many of these will be electric variants of their four and five seat family cars.

• The EU is setting new car fleet emissions targets which all manufacturers will need to achieve –a new car sales fleet average of 95g/km of CO2 by 2020. Vehicle manufacturers that bring electric vehicles orplug-in hybrid electric vehicles to the market will find it easier to meet thistarget, whilst still having a broad range of petrol/diesel models.

• The EV Delivery Plan is only one strand of the Mayor’s strategy to decarbonise transport and improve air quality in London. Other elements include reducing the need to travel and the distance travelled through better land-use/transport planning, encouraging the use of less energy intensive modes of travel -more walking, cycling and travel by public transport, and the use of cleaner fuels and vehicles. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy will set out the full policy framework.

• This is not about picking a winner in the technology race, but creating a level playing field where new technologies can flourish and innovation can be encouraged.

• Other technologies will also have a role to play. The Mayor iscommitted to supporting the London Hydrogen Partnership, the development of the hydrogen fuel cell powered bus project and the use of bio-fuels in the bus fleet.

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Зарядна станция - MAR-CSM-T2

Зарядна станция - MAR-CSM-T2

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