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Electrification of Road Transport

Electrified mobility is currently given first priority in the US, Japan, China, Korea and EU. The
announcements of dedicated national programmes are legion, similarly there is a proliferation
of qualitative position papers and reports, while several automotive company executives have
contributed to raise the general expectations through announcing the imminent mass
production of electric vehicles (EV). The move from conventional combustion based mobility
to more electric or full electric mobility poses many questions with answers depending on a
multitude of interdependent parameters. The matter is quite complex and because of that,
when treated only in qualitative terms, gives rise to controversy that may slow down the
decisional processes. The aim of this roadmap is to help quantifying the differences between
conventional and new technologies in terms of the much cited aspects of energy and resource
security, climate change, public health, freedom of mobility, and economic growth, and to
suggest actions that will create an impact on these. Therefore, in the first instance the EV is
assessed in comparison with the internal combustion engine (ICE) taking into account:

• Primary energy savings

• Cut of GHG emissions

• Reduction of noxious emissions

• Range and speed

• Cost of technology and constraints on raw materials

Furthermore, based on surveys among major European companies from the automotive and
energy value chains, milestones for implementation of the new technologies are set and
required actions are indicated in terms of content and timing.

Electrification of road transport generally can refer to vehicles of many kinds including bikes,
scooters, passenger cars, delivery vans and vehicles for public transport. In this roadmap the
focus is put on passenger cars, and the term electric vehicle (EV) means all kinds of vehicles
that provide at least 50km of pure battery-electric range such as pure electric vehicles, electric
vehicles equipped with a range extender, and plug-in hybrids, which may provide potential
beyond the transition phase, e.g when combined with bio fuels.

This report has been prepared by a task force team of members of the European Technology
Platforms ERTRAC, EPoSS, and SmartGrids led by the chairman of ERTRAC. It complements a
previous Joint ERTRAC/EPoSS Strategy Paper published in early 2009 that is pointing out the
needs in terms of R&D and demonstration for a smarter, greener, safer and more competitive
road transport system. The authors expect that the European Commission and the Member
States will refer to this report as a common industry position when setting priorities and
timing of actions towards the electrification of mobility and transport as a system.

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